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Hi Dear, I have found that your website is not filtering email address on contact forms. I am contacting you regarding the issue. Nowadays spam bots and content thieves are increased dramatically. In a solution to that, we have developed a new plugin to filter and stop all invalid emails on your site. The plugin uses realtime API to filter and validate all email address on your site when any user or bot try to steal your content or contact you through contact forms our plugin will stop these sort of spam emails for free*. We also have custom documentation regarding real-time API for non WordPress websites. You can hire our developers for FREE to integrate our service on your site. The plugin is 100% safe and verified and approved by To give it a try you can search for *User Registration Email Validator* in WordPress add a new plugin or can easily download it from ** If you have any queries or concerns about the plugin please feel free to contact us via the support page on a plugin. Or contact us directly via the emails checker support page. Best Regards, Emails Checker

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