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The Abba Kyari/HushpuppiGate is the latest and ugliest bolt from the blues presently beating the imaginations of everyone who had followed the developments in the Nigeria Police Force, at least, since over a decade now.
No conscious Nigerian citizen would gainsay, even at this trying time of Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP Abba Kyari, that he did not awesomely dot the force with amazing conquests, such that patriotically ruptured and afflicted the dens of notorious and daredevil criminals and caused sighs of relief across divides.

There is no doubt that vicious robbery kingpins with satanic tentacles, such as Tokyo and Godogodo were bursted and ended by Kyari to put paid to their horrific campaigns, situations that now augment the current lamentations by lovers of peace, safety and security, in an enclave so badly ridden by terrifying criminality and felonious traders in that domain.
It would not suffice if we do not mention the capture of Evans, the famous kidnapping Lord and the crushing of his dreadful empire.
And this is to mention but a few of the inter states and regions super intelligent escapades of Cop Kyari which traversed, and cascaded, quelling a world of terror superfluously flowing from criminal outfits.
All these juxtaposed with Kyari’s interference with dangerous plots and interception of devices of “evil doers” are the reasons that I weep deeper than any other in the moment when dark clouds suddenly began to hover over our dear Abba Kyari who had all along laid down his life in combat with “unrighteousness”
To quickly dwell on the crux of the matter, let me confess that any romance beyond policing that connected Kyari and Hushpuppi is unfortunate, given that he is a celebrated fraudster.
But be that as it may, let me say that all these may not be unconnected with the EndSars scheme promoters who are internationally linked, and who are entrepreneurs of fraud conglomerates.
It is also possible that a particular network who had been pummelled over crime by Kyari are trying to take their pound of flesh through all these.
And the import of this is that they covertly have an end to weaken the police strategically, or at least, puncture the man who had formed a tortuous torn in the flesh of their age long evil agenda, so as to create a vacuum for their free flow.
I am not implying that the Nigeria Police is not replete with countless gallant, patriotic and ever resourceful men and officers who could even surpass the standard of Kyari, No; what I am saying is that Nigeria, under a serious regime of insecurity, criminality and social disorder, Nigeria needs more gallant men in her police force to tame teeming tyrants in the crime zone.
With pain, I cry for citizen Abba Kyari, I appeal for due process, thoroughness and clemency in the urgency of now when , especially, criminal elements are calling for his extradition to the hangman’s noose.

I cry to all citizens, all authorities and interests, to tamper justice while regurgitating the enthralling triumphs recorded by our own darling DCP Abba Kyari who is now embattled, enmeshed in the nasty quagmire of allegations of complicity.


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Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel is the Chairman / CEO, MicMiraSteph Communications and Chief Media Director, Apex Reporters

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