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He is highly a politically experienced; mentally vibrant and kind-hearted humanitarian, who believes in bailing people out of poverty.

That is why he invests heavily in building people for greatness. His greatest asset as a political leader in Nigeria, is the people he has invested and built for successes and greatness across the length and breath of Nigeria.

Except you are not lucky to meet him. Once he meets you, you would forget about where you are coming from. I can count about 100 people that I know, who he has changed the stories of their lives.

His cardinal political philosophy is to invest in people and build them to come out of strive and ugly lives.

And, if such a man is lucky to run the country as her president, I believe he would lift more and more people out of poverty through ideal governance impacts; humanitarian policies; developmental programmes and all necessary empowerments.

As a humanitarian that I think he is, Nigeria and Nigerians would fare well under his able, fatherly and astute leadership.

He is not perfect, Yes! He is not a saint, Yes! He is not blameless, Yes! But, for as long as he would be qualified and eligible to contest to run for the office, then it simply means he is not a criminal or a wrong political leader some Nigerians think he is supposed to be. He is just one peculiar political actors in Nigeria among the rest.

Of course, if he is a political criminal in Nigeria, the law of the land would prohibit him from contesting to run in any election to be public office holder. INEC won’t approve of his candidature, and by then, Nigerians would have known he is not the kind of a leader they should allow to run their country.

Asiwaju is an astute humanitarian, who has all it takes to be the next president of Nigeria.


If he comes out to contest, he would get all the supports, acceptance and vote of a Nigerian like me.

He is a successful political actor in Nigeria, Yes! But, the way he made it, is the way many of our other politico-econimic heroes and celebrities also made it in Nigeria.

So, I won’t ever join those Nigerians to continue to vilify him for that, because he is not the only one to be accused of anything like that in the system. Besides, no court of the land has convicted him for any wrong doing.

You can hardly run for any election in Nigeria today, if you do not have all the plenty money to spend to buy the involvements and patronage of Nigerians.

That is why public office holders, who do not have all the big money to spend could hardly run for elections, let alone, win in Nigeria. And like wise poor political parties, no matter how lofty and attractive the agenda and manifesto of such a political party might appear to be.

So, if someone must have all the big money, before he could run for elections, it simply means it is a peculiar system for us all.

We simply a peculiar people with a peculiar political system, where only one person should not continue to be attacked in such a system.

If Asiwaju comes out to declare his intention to run for the office of the next president of Nigeria tomorrow, the good will of all the Nigerians he has built would stand for him; his humanitarian deeds would campaign for him and his God would make things not too difficult for him.

If you love your political hero, because you know in your inner-conscious conscience that he is not a saint, perfect or blameless man in Nigeria, it is my right to love mine as well.

We are all products of this same system we keep complaining about everyday.

If Aswaju Bola Tinubu would come out tomorrow to declare his intention, I pray, may his aspiration succeed.

We all know why we love, who we love, and hate who we hate.

Who you love can’t be loved by everybody in Nigeria. Who I love can’t be hated by everybody.

Who you love is not a saint and neither is he an angel in our midst. We all have idea of how they all make the stupendous wealths in the system.

All that is needed for our candidates to scale through, is the votes of the majority.

If Bola Tinubu would be in the race, the goodwill of all the many, many Nigerians he has built over the many years in Nigeria, would rise and stand for him in due time.


  • Olukayode Salako

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel is the Chairman / CEO, MicMiraSteph Communications and Chief Media Director, Apex Reporters

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