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You see these people they call UMUNNA, respect them and clap for them..

If you have conflicts within the family, do not rush to Court and government.

Go to Umunna.

Even Government recognises them as “Alternative conflict resolution platform”
Ask any lawyer.

These Guys can resolve marital problems, land dispute and alleged murder cases.

Don’t mind how the village hall or family “Obi” looks like. It might look dirty, unkempt and unfit for such arbitration.
Forget the ancient looking wooden tables and chairs, the broken windows and unpainted walls.

Look at the old guys with walking sticks and grey hairs with coloured teeths and fading eyeballs.

Concentrate on those wrinkled faces and folded lips.

Feel the aura of old age and the smell of ancient perfume.

Endure the silence, the slow thinking process and the occasional dry coughing and humming of incomprehensibles…

Umunna wu Ike!

Very tight and well organized family unit.

Ignore them at your own peril.
The cohesiveness of Umunna overrides the greatness of any individual in any family.

Most people that rubbished Umunna and ran to Government Courts were embarrassed when the same Umunna were called as witnesses by the Court to deposit wisdom,history and knowledge on the case.

And on top of this beautiful system is the “cheapness” therein.

Very cheap!

Just a keg of palm wine and cola nuts, you can access the strongest and purest judicial system in the world!

Ironically, even without hanging on any written record, these deliberations and judgments last for a hundred years.

A complete human complexity and mystery.

If you are disengaged from your Umunna, disenchanted with their “local village” views and perspective of life,this is the right time to do about-turn and go back to Umunna cult.

It is the physical manifestation of culture and representation of ancient bloodlines as enshrined in the laws of Moses and the Prophets.

Ununna system will outlive you .

If you have grievances against Umunna that is keeping you away, swallow your pride and return to the fold and be part of the ongoing reformation of Umunna system going on all over Igbo land today.

The Umunna system is being populated by younger generations now. Most of our Fathers and Uncles are too weak to attend meetings these days but remains very influential and dominant in decision making. They appreciate injection of new blood for smooth passage of cultural rites.

On a sad note,if what is keeping you away from your Umunna is your Pastor or Religious organisation, then your case is beyond redemption. You are gone for real!

This write up is complete nonsense to you. Waka go your own!

Umunna is greater than religion and stronger than material accoutrements.

Go back home (Umunna) and experience inner peace. Happy New Year of profit oriented 2021 Umunne m 🍇🍓🌹

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel is the Chairman / CEO, MicMiraSteph Communications and Chief Media Director, Apex Reporters

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