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Following the brutality and bestiality committed by some men of the Special Anti Robbery department of the Nigeria police in recent times; different Nigerians have thrown their voices behind the call for its scrapping. And the youths surprisingly have resorted to violent protests around the country; situation that has led to the killing of policemen and the destruction of property.
Though, it is glaring that there is need to purge the Anti Robbery department of bad eggs and task the unit for excellent service delivery that will spur not just the SARS officers for super efficiency in accordance with global best practices, it is most unnecessary for anyone or group to seek the total expunging of this all significant aspect of the Nigeria police where gallant and patriotic men and officers also exist; just because of the ill acts of a rotten and unprofessional few.
Rather than call for SARS dissolution, the outcry should be that which calls for reform of the segment, to pave the way for only those officers and men who will contribute patriotically to the safety and security of the people, as against terror -like operations that tarnish the image of the Nigeria police and draw the irk of the generality of Nigeria .
Resorting to violent protests where wanton destruction takes place, spearheaded by some youths whose ultimate intentions and actions raise the brow and stir suspicion , is rather worrisome , if not inexplicable .
This time, APEX REPORTERS Advice well meaning Nigerians should come together to pursue meaningful reforms , not just in SARS , also in LAGOS STATE POLICE TASK FORCE on okada riders, but in the entire police system, because the unscrupulous elements that embarrass the authorities do not only dwell in the Anti _Robbery section, but also in other departments.
They are the ones that use the uniform for unholy operations and use the firearms criminally most times, maiming and killing innocent citizens.
It therefore is imperative to note that the existence of too many people, especially young people doing exploits in the crime world of Nigeria, is the reason the SARS should be empowered , Conscientious ,re-orientated and remunerated handsomely to fight the huge population of robbers who use dangerous weapons and tactics to unleash mayhem and pain upon the people.
importantly too, it must be mentioned that the sensitive security situation of the nation, caused by the recruitment of more people by crime lords who rule the arm -robbery zone, calls for concern and the better existence of SARS so as to constitute or present a major official inhibition and resistance to the advancement of the criminality perpetrated from this ugly world’s.
owing to these realities and shocking national security challenges, the End SARS protests should be diplomatically handled by all stakeholders, especially as those at the forefront may be ruled by a myopic understanding or perception of the true fearful situation that requires more men of the Nigeria police , especially the SARS , to combat.
Therefore ,the govt Band the police authorities should wield a big hammer to crush criminal and anti civil officers in the SARS and apportion appropriate sanctions and/ or punishments to those who have killed and jeopardized the lives of innocent Nigerians across divides.
The Nigeria police must embark on this sensitization and correction mission vehemently and in the most frontal ways, so as to win public confidence and garner requisite trust. These reforms must reflect and put into cognizance the fashion or dress code (uniforms) applicable for SARS operative, social conducts and of course, their general outlook that must separate them from the very criminal elements they seek to pursue as officially endorsed crime fighters.
When all these are ensure, Nigerian will accept and appreciate the SARS, rather than abhor.
It is worthy to note that many a protester may be looking for a soft landing for their planned criminal activities. and may be seeking to eliminate the very frontiers that formed the stiffest barricades to their progress, as arm robbers kidnappers or related crimes
by publisher Apex reporters

Prince chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel is the Chairman / CEO, MicMiraSteph Communications and Chief Media Director, Apex Reporters

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