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President igbo alliance worldwide (IAW),Chief chukwudi Timothy samuel,who is also the chairman of micmirasteph communications , has joined the global protests against recent increase of petrol price and the tariff of electricity in Nigeria by the FGN ,saying that such a mace the government is anti people and quite disturbing,given the ground that the people only recently stepped out of an excruciating lockdown occasioned by the pandemic .

Chief Samuel who spoke to newsmen at his Lagos residence at the weekend averred that it is callous and totally reckless for a govt which could not fend for the citizens during the total lock-down ,and which failed to disburse economic palliatives to companies for sustenance,post lockdown Nigeria,to sudden sea punitive increment of pump price of petrol and the hike of electricity tariff as an option.
Stressing that the Igbo Alliance Worldwide will never accept or associate with policies that are punitive and anti-human,especially to Ndigbo everywhere,chief samuel emphasised the need for the president Buhari-led FG , to immediately reverse it decision and think in the direction of steps that could ameliorate the plights of Nigeria’s who for decades have continued to suffer in the hands of inconsiderate administrators that only pursue self benefits to the detriment of the State.
On the hike of PMS (petrol)price,he pointed that the pump price of petrol is all-time high compared to what it used to be .
Chief samuel said this is sad against the background that petrol price and matters revolving around the oil sector,were some of the demerits that the agents in this govt used to de-market the past administration.

“subsidy matters and a host of other things,such as the kidnap of Chibok Girls , terrorism,general insecurity and hardship were national concerns that the people now at the helms of affairs used to discredit the president Jonathan ,(formal) .
“Just as though they merely used those antics in desperation to oust that regime,those problems are worst than they were those days that preceded this inexplicable govt. that have turned deaf ears to the waillings and yearning of the masses;
On electricity and tariff hike he wondered why any govt will think of imposing a huge tariff burden upon a people suffering from poor power supply and who have been badly shortchanged,denied,deprived and frustrated by the irresponsibility of the power sector managers .
He reasoned “. In Nigeria, most consumers pay for 24 hours supply and get only about 4 hours supply.
Most Nigeria keep paying bills only to be poorly supplied, without anyone explaining the reason they suffer such injustice “.
Calling the FG to awake from slumber and face the reality, Chief samuel fumed that thesame power sector that has for several years continued to milk the consumers through the estimated billing method,that has failed to make the pre-paid meters available for the common people,has the guts to push for tariff increase,an option which the insensitive Nigeria govt saw as best for an already grossly impoverished masses .
“If the Nigerian authorities are seeking ways to sustain these price regimes, then it is obvious that all the promises they made pre-2015 were fraudulently done to deceive Nigerians to power.
“The exchange rate ,spate of insecurity,heightening bickering in the polity, the agitation by ethnic interests for self determination, hardship,poverty etc all point to the failure of this govt,and the time for everyone to resist dictatorial ways that promote the good of a few is now “.Chief samuel asserted.
He ended by warning the Federal government to beware of policies that spell dictatorship rather than democracy,stating that from all indications,this govt is not mindful of the predicaments of Nigerians who deposed so much confidence on this govt from the beginning.

James smith

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel is the Chairman / CEO, MicMiraSteph Communications and Chief Media Director, Apex Reporters

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