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Federal Government widen Phase 2 of The COVID-19 Lock down For Another Four (4) Weeks.

  • Curfew is still from 10pm – 4am
  • Wearing of Facial Mask is still Compulsory for everyone
  • Domestic Flight are to resume Immediately.
  • InterState Travelling will resume 1st July, 2020.
    Vehicles must be filled at 50%.
    And all Passengers must put on Face Mask.
  • Funerals & Wedding Gathering Should not be more than 20 persons (Including family members).
  • Churches and Mosques activities will remain as it was in Phase 2
  • School are to remain shut, but those who are eligible for promotional class will be allowed to sit for the exam (ie Students preparing for Common entrance, Student preparing for Junior Waec and Students preparing for WAEC
  • Restriction on Sport and Recreational Activity is still in Operation.
  • Banks/ Financial Institutions are to continue their normal Operation as allowed in Phase 2
  • Eighteen (18) Local Government Areas in Nigeria account for 60% of COVID-19 cases and those Local Government Areas have to be locked down to contain the spread of the Pandemic in the country.
    The precision lockdown would be implemented by the Governors of the States where the 18 Local Governments Reside.
    ~~ PTF Chairman On COVID-19, Boss Mustapha
    May God Help Us all

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel is the Chairman / CEO, MicMiraSteph Communications and Chief Media Director, Apex Reporters

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