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The Burden Of Philanthropy

Engr Ariori Akeem is a man of many parts who has continued to beat or surpass his past achievements. Coming from a background that is nowhere near aristocratic, Ariori had proved that dints of hard work and focus generated through sheer determination can take any human from the valleys of life to the hilltops of success and the zenith of his chosen career.

The Burden Of Philanthropy
Engr Ariori Akeem, property and sundry business mogul

A hotelier, property and sundry business mogul, Engr Ariori remains a big source of inspiration and motivation, not just to the youths but also to all the Nigerians who cherish positive success and gradual ascension to prosperity and reckon.
It is important to establish for the consumption of all that the man Engr. Ariori is one Nigeria who find honest labour attractive and who believes that if anyone must seek greatness, he or she should do so putting legitimacy and legality into consideration. Ariori today has become a powerful force to reckon with in the Nigeria polity having moved from accomplishing personal objectives to pursuing visions that affect others.

This fact is the reason this tireless achiever has ensured the empowerment of the less privileged and the youth who want to become entrepreneurs. Severally, Ariori has donated to the process of making young entrepreneurs by giving them resources to learn certain trades or skills. And after these, he goes ahead to finance their early start.

Today, Ariori has put a smile on the faces of individuals, families and groups through giving and empowerment as a measure of love and appreciation to God Almighty who blessed him with so much and who proved those who never expected him to grow, wrong. As a departure from the usual Philanthropic gestures, Engr Ariori has delved into the area of supporting the safety and security of Nigerians by actually strategically enhancing the operations and effectiveness of the police force of Nigerian.

To the best of his ability, he has refurbished patrol vehicles, donated cash and ascertained that the work environment of policemen officers is conducive enough for productivity to this end, he fixed dilapidated toilet facilities and directly motivates the rank and file by visiting the stations and giving out money and items as a complementary effort to what the police authority is doing to boost their morale. In the emergency and difficulty of the COVID-19 lockdown, Engr Ariori had shown uncommon concern and love to the needy, less privileged and other interested Nigerians through special palliatives.

As a man who believes in the power of faith, he had built mosques for the Islam faithful of certain police stations, such as the Gowon estate police station etc. This is an argumentation to his efforts at enhancing police effectiveness in a country that seriously needs security.

He is presently fixing the personal toilet of the commissioner of police Lagos state command, as one of those measures he employs as a patriot to contribute to governance and nation-building. Those approach him personally for different forms of support can attest to his philosophic and charitable nature characteristics which separate Engr Ariori Akeem from a pack of Nigerians. I call him CHAIRMAN.

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel is the Chairman / CEO, MicMiraSteph Communications and Chief Media Director, Apex Reporters

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