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Policies Exploiting: The Curfew Lockdown Policies To Milk Citizens

Kingsley Kay, Chief@Apexreporters

The president Ndi-Igbo Boru Otu Association of Nigeria, High Chief C. C. Nwokedi recently lamented about the pain presently suffered by Nigerians in the hands of policemen, who take undue advantage of the lockdown and ease lockdown policies to drain the resources of the people. Nwokedi condemned this situation in his office when journalists interviewed him on the state of the Nation.

According to the fire-spitting leader, Nigerians deserve some fair treatment in the hands of the authorities because they are just coming out of a torturous lockdown whereby they lacked basic amenities and were deprived of economic activities. This alone has a negative impact that will linger for a while, adding that the nature of the Nigerian society will never allow her citizens total compliance. For these reasons, the president of the Ndi Igbo Buruotu Association says that the police should enforce with empathy, knowing that the whole essence of the Lockdown is to save lives and not to terminate, maltreat or intimidate persons.

Nwokedi expressed shock at the rate in which the police have resulted in the demand of huge sums of cash before letting anyone out of their grip, stressing that this phenomenon has created richer police and poorer citizens.
On the cost of transportation, Nwokedi said that the government has succeeded in creating an avenue for citizens to pay higher even when there is no extra income.
He noted that the government can review some of these modalities so that this leadership can have a human face.

On the bickering among some of the members of the Ndi-Igbo Buru Otu Association of Nigeria who alleged that the president, High Chief CC Nwokedi must have gotten palliative materials from the government on behalf of the association is a false insinuation. Nwokedi emphasized that the relief packages that he distributed to the vulnerable came from his personal purse as an individual expressing his philanthropic nature. He severely debunked the claims of some members that he shared what was meant for the association.

He, however, urged members to remain law-abiding in the face of all these challenges so that no law enforcement agencies will have access to exploit or oppress them. Urging them to be patient and hopeful, as things will soon fall into place to create a conducive atmosphere for them to thrive in their various businesses. He also stated that the members of Ndi-Igbo Buru Otu Association of Nigeria are focused dogged and productive in their various endeavours and will continue to be even in the phase of this sordid time.
Nwokedi also used this medium to affirm that the association has been at the forefront of donating to the police and supporting their efficiency, pointing that the welfare package of Ndi-Igbo Buru Otu Association of Nigeria is super and second to none.

Kingsley Kay, Reporting.

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel is the Chairman / CEO, MicMiraSteph Communications and Chief Media Director, Apex Reporters

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