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The Lagos state commissioner of police, Hakeem Odumosu ascended the exalted position of the apex police officer in a state that arguably remains the crisis manager’s headache and stepped up the moral standard and the efficiency of the men and officers, proving that he can re-write the narrative of the force as far as Lagos state is concerned.

The Lagos state commissioner of police, Hakeem Odumosu

Since this ascension, he had shown that his not only came to boost safety and security but also to inject sanity in the police modus operandi so as to uphold the integrity of the Nigeria police force.

Cp Odumosu’s operational and service character is exemplary and reflects the ideology upon which the force was created. There is no doubt that this ever ready, easy-going but extremely professional and gallant police manager is ruled by the consciousness that his beat _lagos state, is a hub and a pot _pourri of different people, and a densely populated state that in more ways than sets the pace. The implication is that Lagos state is a mini Nigeria that houses every tribe and attitude. Bearing these in mind, cp Odumosu is quite strategic and lawful in discharging his duties.

The present COVID-19 regime with a huge emergency to handle, he has continued to dispense qualitative services to the delight of the police and state authorities. To enforce the law in the most human way, in line with global best practices, Cp Odumosu has ensured that the general mindset of his men and officers is such that will not create an atmosphere for oppression, suppression, intimidation and victimisation.

As such he makes sure that citizens are managed within the purview of the laws which are created for man, and not vice-versa. Cp Odumosu’s stance as the Lagos state police helmsman is exemplary and in different forms, he charges police officers and men to be lawful in the prosecution of their responsibilities.

APEX REPORTERS discovered is not a CP that tolerates inhuman postures or illegitimacy in all its ramifications. Therefore, you will hardly find divisional police officers (DPO’s)within the command who recklessly handles citizens in this pandemic era. Not even Area Commanders are free to misbehave.

The body language of CP Odumosu is clear -he does not support any form of persecution. Obviously he prefers mild but effective handling of citizens. Rather than undue punishment, Cp Odumosu will prefer admonition or education.

These two come before any strict action that leads to compliance to the lockdown/ease down govt policies or rules by citizens (Lagosians) .so under the watch of this crime fighter /manager par excellence, the people of Lagos, under the pandemic even beyond, are in for an orderly and safe environment that will enable them to scale through the unfriendly COVID-19 regime.

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel is the Chairman / CEO, MicMiraSteph Communications and Chief Media Director, Apex Reporters

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