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Dr Paul Olisa Ojeih MD Iris Medical Foundation Drugs and Pharmaceutical.

A Nigerian pharmaceutical company says COVID 19 PANDEMIC IS A MONEY MAKING VENTURE, AND THEY HAVE A DRUG THAT CAN CURE IT WITHIN 72 HOURS, read their Press Statement;

BY Dr Paul Olisa Ojeih MD Iris Medical Foundation Drugs and Pharmaceutical.

On March 3rd 2020, I got a call from The Honorable Minister of Information Alhaji Lai Mohammed. It was a 5 minutes call. The call was centered on Iris medical foundation Drugs and it’s effectiveness in treating the Corona virus. I was blunt with the minister, I told him the truth I asked him do you people in Abuja want the Cure or you guys just want to be making billions from grants from America, WHO and other international agencies.

The truth is COVID 19 is a curable viral infection that we should not lose sleep over or fret over.

In 1985 there was a major viral outbreak in Tanzania. The fatality, was percent the death ratio was 10 infection to 9 death on a daily basis. The then-president, Julius Nyanrere, invited Prof Dr Paul Ojeih Snr, founder of Iris Medical Foundation who stepped into Tanzania and within 3 months the virus was contained within 6 months there was a cure.

That virus was treated with a phynto organic drug known as VENEDI ELIXIR. The virus was later classified as Ebola, virus.
I told Nigerians on social media that our government most especially The minister of health, The presidential Task force on COVID 19, The NCDC, are reaping Nigerians off and making billions from this pandemic that never existed.
In my letter to the minister of information I told him that COVID 19 is perfectly treatable and curable.
I told the minister that I will infect myself with the virus under 73 hours that virus will be cured. I stake my name, my reputation, and the credibility that the Corona virus is a curable disease.

Iris medical foundation drug and pharmaceutical has an authentic cure for this virus, a cure drove, from the enzymes of plants which is pharmaceutically engineered to treat complex viral infection.

Our drug VENEDI Elixir for 18 years has been used, in the treatment of HIV viral infection, Herpes Viral infection, Syphilis viral infection, and infections that are drug-resistant.
I have told the federal government to stop playing games, to stop looting our treasury all in the name of borrowing money to build isolation centers that we don’t need. They know the games they are playing.

They don’t want to listen because this COVID pandemic is a money-making venture, they are putting fears in Nigerians keeping them at home and milking our economy dry.

So far our government has spent billions of Naira, money that would have been put into good use.
The truth they say is bitter, and the bitter truth is Corona virus is another oil boom for some selected criminals In the government. When Madagascar launched their Herbal initiative to get a cure, I drew the attention of the minister of information and culture, who in turn informed the minister of health Dr Osagie, Ehanire, who went on air and said traditional medicine will be inculcated into the fight against COVID 19.

This was never done. While foot-dragging, a tiny island nation like Madagascar found a cure through herbal medicine. Then our shameless Chairman of the presidential task force on COVID 19, Boss Mustapha, said we were going to import a planeload of the Madagascar herbal cure.

Shame, to the country, Shame, to the government, shame to the minister of health and the NCDC that have been playing games and politics and making billions off this pandemic that never existed.

I state, once again for the sake of clarity and emphasis that Corona virus is a baby virus a virus that is perfectly curable under 72 hours with Iris medical foundation drug known as VENEDI Elixir.

I have asked the government to give me 10 infected patients let’s place them on Iris Drugs we keep meeting with a brick wall resistance. Why are they foot-dragging, what is their fear and resistance, they play politics meanwhile people are dying, people are losing their jobs and the country is sliding into recession.

As a patriotic Nigeria, i have done my bid. I have sounded the alarm that Corona virus is a baby virus its a friendly virus that is perfectly curable.

This is a virus that is very stable in clinical, a virus that does no harm to the body tissues and organs except when not treated.

In essence the virus can be within you and your body system still functions perfectly well with in 72 hours or even longer.

This can not be said of other deadly virus such as Ebola. Immediately Ebola enters your blood stream your immune gets compromised and shuts down with in 48hours, you start bleeding from all bodily pores all openings and orifice with in 72 hours you’re dead.

But with COVID 19 you don’t even know you’re infected because the virus is not a violent virus that takes over your immunity and shuts it down.

We at Iris medical foundation for over 25 years have been into drug research and cure we understand what it means to compound drugs from plants and enzymes and synthesis it into potent cure.

Our founding MD Professor Dr Paul Olisa Ojeih (Professor of Medicine) is a pioneer in Alternative and comparative medicine and has popularised Alternative medicine and sector that China, and Indian have taken the lead on. This is one sector that our government has refuses to encourage and invest in, yet a tiny island nation like Madagascar has created and perfected the cure to Coronavirus.

Finally, when we say we In Iris medical foundation Drugs and pharmaceutical say we have the cure for Corona virus, We indeed have the cure.

All we ask is, for our leaders to stop playing Russian Roulette with our lives and avail Nigerians the cure to the virus. May God help us all.

Iris Medical Foundation no 12 Ajayi Road Ogba Ikeja.
Dr Paul Ojeih 08023950797
Dr Solomon Ojeih 07030595310

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel is the Chairman / CEO, MicMiraSteph Communications and Chief Media Director, Apex Reporters

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