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1.Lagos cannot provide jobs for all Nigerians.That’s absolutely impossible.

  1. Okada is never a normal means of transportation in any civilized city of the world
  2. Okada was banned in Abuja and other places in the country, heaven did not fall.
  3. The menace of okada in Lagos is the most reckless, most heartless and the most irresponsible adventures I have ever seen in my life.
  4. Countless number of people had been sent to their early graves by the bizarre conducts of okada riders while many have become crippled or maimed by the same set of people.
  5. Okada provides convenient cover for criminals to troop into Lagos on daily basis occupying all available spaces without any fixed addresses or by any means traceable yet most of them are out on all manners of missions that are majorly inimical to the peace and safety of the people. They have become serious environmental nuisances deficating and urinating anywhere available.
  6. A section of okada riders are so deadly that if they hit you or you hit them you’re in trouble. They gang-attack at will, beating motorists to a stupor and sometimes killing them for mere traffic misunderstanding in which they are mostly guilty. Many a times, they set vehicles ablaze. Parents have been beaten in the presence of their children while women have been stripped naked in broad day light by okada gangsters. Must this happen to you before you appreciate the governor?
  7. That the one that claimed to have invested N5 billion on an unconventional business like okada couldn’t have meant well for the state. If there is human flesh business that thrives, he will invest in it as long as it yields money.
  8. The argument concerning the plight of those who are already engaged in okada riding is not misplaced. I also sympathize with them. However, all hopes are not lost. The ban is not total. It applies only to less than 30% land area of the state. Meanwhile, we still have 35 other states in the country where anybody can also tries his luck including Abuja, our collective national heritage.
  9. Talking about trekking and provision of alternatives, trekking does a lot of good to our fitness and wellbeing. For over 30 years that we’re growing up in times passed, there was no okada at all and yet we survived
  10. In view of the foregoing, no responsible government will open it’s eyes and allow this kind of obnoxious anomalies to continue unabated.

In conclusion therefore, the greatest disservice Babajide Sanwoolu can do to Lagos is to unban okada. That’s the last thing he should consider now no matter the pressure or even consideration for future political aspirations. What will be will be! If we fail now, future generations will inherent a highly cannibalized state in total disarray and will be left with no choice than to send curses to past leaders.

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel

Prince Chukwudi Timothy Samuel is the Chairman / CEO, MicMiraSteph Communications and Chief Media Director, Apex Reporters

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