Rt. Hon. Lynda Ikpeazu, Her Glorious Touch On Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency..

Unlike in other constituencies where most of the constituens did not know by name, their Representative nor seen him or her physically.

In Onitsha North and South of today, it’s obvious that the most popular name in the streets has remained Hon. Lynda Ikpeazu, which is the calibrating instrument to sum the quality of her representation. It’s obvious that the capacity in which popularity is been built in a complex city like Onitsha, can’t be by a mere sentiment but by substantive had works.

Notably, the people’s oriented honorable, has tremendously galvanized and laid a solid foundation that it’s edifice is getting to the apex.

Inevitably, Hon. Ikpeazu has immeasurably done so well that the economic value of Onitsha North and South has handsomely maximised.

One Road done by Rt. Hon. Lynda Ikpeazu

During the 8th National Assembly, Hon. Ikpeazu as a goal getter, attracted so many impactful projects that perfectly revitalized the sinking souls of Ndi Onitsha North and South.

Today in Onitsha North and South, 8 streets had sworn new look, where the roads and the drains has been put to standard thereby enhancing all businesses and transportations in those areas to strive.

Hon. Lynda Ikpeazu, being a passionate leader, who always plot the better ways for her people, empowered her constituens, dug borehole etc in other to curtail the stress and spendings of her constituens.

Handsomely, she had continued to invest in Education and sports, which anchored on building the youths and children in other to solidify their career in the future.

Joyfully, Onitsha North and South dwellers are amazed and have remained commendable to Hon. Lynda Ikpeazu for the construction of the roads that are adjudged the most deplorable and disgusting in the state.

As the 9th National Assembly has begun, it leaves no doubt that the workaholic people’s oriented honorable will continue to extend her glorious touch to few areas that are left untouched, thereby transforming Onitsha into a mega neat and motorable city.

Few of Her constituency projects & Empowerments in 8th Assembly


#MadamProject Keep doing well!!!


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